Day Spa Services

Day Spa Services and Features

Booking a trip to a day spa can be very exciting, especially if the facility offers world-class features that men and women of all ages can enjoy. There are some day spa services that many people consider fairly standard, but how do they compare to the more exclusive types available when booking sessions with therapists?

It’s all in the experience

Certain therapies are less common and will be entirely reliant on whether or not the spa employs a qualified person to practice these features. The therapies include Shiatsu and Thai massage – both of which can only be performed by those with the certification to do so. The greater the level of experience, the more efficient the practitioner will be at offering the therapy.

Other services that are subjected to similar requirements include hot stone massage; where the therapist’s knowledge of application can spell the difference between a comfortable experience and being scolded by overly-heated stones. Acupuncture is another well-known therapy that requires the practitioners’ complete understanding, as well as body waxing (which can sometimes result in very sore skin if not done properly).

Fortunately all spas are governed by a strict set of policies and protocols, and these legislations define the way in which they are able to offer services, as well as rules for those that are able to practice them. These stringent procedures ensure that all practicing day spas adhere to the guidelines and as a result, clients can be reassured that any therapies that they will be undertaking will only be performed by the most qualified of professionals.

So, how does this affect regular services? Even simple therapies will require a qualified practitioner, from certified manicurists all the way to expert skincare therapists. Many experts will have studied in colleges, universities and under apprenticeship for years before obtaining their qualifications, so even the most regular therapy will only be practicable by an individual with the right amount of training and the correct level of expertise.